crossing over, medium, connecting with the other side, mediumship

Do you see Ghosts? Do you see those in Spirit and don't know how to deal with it? Are you interested in Paranormal? Have you had Paranormal Experiences? Do you want to develop your Mediumship abilities?
This book provides information, insights and teachings for communicating with the Other Side. Whether you want to become a professional Medium or learn Mediumship for your own personal  reasons, for your own spiritual growth – this book is a great tool for developing your Mediumship abilities. It explains the process, provides exercises, meditations, tools needed to be a successful Medium. It also covers main concerns of children who see ghosts and concerns of their parents for Mediumship matters.
Book also offers a BONUS – inside it you'll find a link to a webpage that has all the Exercises and Meditations described in a book, in mp3 format allowing you to download them to your computer or ipod making it easier for you to practice and improve your Mediumship abilities…




crossing over, medium, connecting with the other side, mediumship    Talking with the Dead/Connecting with the Other Side/communicating with  Spirit – has been fascinating people throughout the centuries. Can we really connect to deceased ones in Spirit? Can they connect with us? Can everyone talk to the Dead? Are there Spirits left behind? What to do when experiencing paranormal? What if I am scared when I see Spirits?
    This book – " 101 things to know about Talking with the Dead"  – answers these questions and many others. It gives straight to the point guidance about communicating with Spirit. Great part is – you don’t’ have to be a professional Medium to be able to do it. If you are interested in this subject, even without a previous experience, yet looking for some answers, some understanding -this book is for you! It provides the most important information you need to know in order to communicate with Spirit and better understand the process of connecting the Other Side.
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