Mediumship Sessions with ReGina available:
in person and/or distance (over the phone, email, skype video call…)
in following cases:

~ paranormal experiences ~
either you or your psychic kids are seeing ghosts or having paranormal activities going on and they frighten you, you don't know how to handle these experiences or you are simply interested to find out more, get some validation, would like to know how to help your child or someone close to you to handle these experiences

~ interest in paranormal ~

in learning more about being a Medium, becoming a Medium,  about Mediumship, about Earthbound Spirits, about paranormal experiences, paranormal investigation, ghost healing, ghosts, learning more about everything related to "crossing over" and Spirits

~ experiencing paranormal ~
in your home, office etc. and are

in need for paranormal investigation, house clearing

would like to learn how to be a Medium

 would like to connect with deceased loved one/s


1 hour session

investment – $200

1/2 hour session

investment – $100




To book a distance session:
it has to be prepaid
once the payment is received – we will get back to you via email (or phone depending on what time zone you are and what part of the world you are) within 24 hours regarding available time & dates for scheduling a session as well as prefered type of session (in person or distance)
to book a session in person
– email or call 808-445-6294
payment for "in person" sessions can be made at the time of the session (accepting checks)