psychic children

Psychic Children – Psychic Kids – children who have psychic abilities.

In her work –  ReGina focuses on those Psychic Children – Mediums: Children who see Spirits, see Ghosts, have paranormal experiences and everything that comes with this ability including  not knowingness how to handle this experience comes and therefore are in need for help to deal with this ability!

Growing up as a Psychic Child herself – having paranormal experiences, seeing Spirits, hearing them, feeling them around at all times, not understanding what's happening with her, not knowing how to deal with these experiences – as a grownup, having embraced her ability to communicate with those in Spirit, ReGina now is helping children/ young people who are in "her shoes".  Helping Psychic Children and their parents. She is sharing and showing them how to use their abilities in empowering way and helping them to know that they are not alone in their experiences!

Consultations are done in person or distance – via internet/ skype/ phone/ email…

 There are also some courses available  – specificaly designed for Psychic Children as well as for their parents! These online courses are something that includes easy to follow directions, gives unsights, simple tools that can be used to have a healthy and empowering expeirence with psychic abilities and experiences!
Most asked questions answered and concerns adressed…

Keep checking for updates and let us know what else you'd like to know, learn about, hear about when it comes to having  Pscychic Kids or Being a Psychic Child experiencing Paranormal. It gives us opportunity to offer better service!