media kit

As an Empowerment Psychic Medium, Bestselling Author, Spiritual Teacher, Radio& Tv show Producer and Host
ReGina is availabe for interviews and guest appearances

on radio, television, podcast, blog, article, or abook. She is available not only for an interview but for live on-air readings on radio shows.

ReGina also can be booked for speaking about communicating with Spirit, Earthbound Spirits, Empowerment, Embracing Our Uniqueness.

She has a deep understanding and a unique perspective on life. On spirituality, communication with spirits and the psychic world, healing and metaphysics. She knows first hand how it is to feel different. Different but not being able to express her uniqueness… She also knows firsthand how it is to be one of the  Psychic Kids growing up and not knowing what to do about it, how to deal with it, how it is to see spirits as a child and dealing with this experience on her own. From her experiences – ReGina shares insightsand solutions to challenges mentioned above and other challenges related to these topics…


~ More Detailed Media Kit – coming soon ~