ReGina is an Inspirational Speaker who specializes in helping people to Embrace their Uniqueness, in helping to better understand life experiences, helping people to access their inner wisdom, empower people.
While ReGina specializes in Self-Esteem, Personal and Spiritual Growth, Empowerment and Motivation, Creative thinking and Spirituality, she also has an experience working with Children and Families around the world as well as Traveling.
ReGina's style is entertaining, fun and at the same time empowering and motivational. She leaves her audience infused with enthusiasm, joy, laughter, motivation, inspiration and tools for improvement, tools for better experiences in life.


ReGina is flexible in giving a custom speech to your organization or event according to it's needs.
If you are looking for a speaker who will entertain, empower, inspire, motivate and leave your audience wanting more – ReGina is your perfect speaker!

Contact us to book or/and to discuss details!