ReGina L. Norlinde always strives for better and as an Empowerment Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher – she helps others to not only bring clarity in situations of their concern but goes beyond it. ReGina empowers others to be the predictors, creators and psychics for themselves, in their own life so that instead of relying on the outside sources for information – people are confident in their own ability to access information that's hidden to physical senses.

Having been a guest on many Radio shows, ReGina herself is a TV & Radio show Producer and Host. It allows her to reach people worldwide. To date and to her knowledge, ReGina's  services and help has already reached 20 different countries.

ReGina is also a bestselling AUTHOR. She has written several books. Her first book – "The Power of Being Different – Embrace your Uniqueness", published in 2007, was featured in Southern California's Trusted Source for Holistic Living – Awareness Magazine. Also being self-published, ReGina's book was featured by Hay House – one of the fastest-growing self-help and transformational publishers in the world, selling our products to more than 35 countries around the world.It was also featured on Examiner – Media in over 200 markets in USA and Canada.

Her Radio show (since 2007) has attracted many self-help leaders as guests.

As a Spiritual Teacher – ReGina has taught classes in person internationally. At the present time she is focusing more on teaching online and that way having her teachings available to people all over the world.

For some time ReGina was involved in volunteering for Hay House in events presenting such Spiritual Leaders with their teachings as Louise L. Hay, Cheryl Richardson, Doreen Virtue Ph.D., Mona Lisa Schultz, Steven D. Farmer, Colette Baron-Reid, Sylvia Brown and others…
In her personal time – ReGina enjoys singing, playing guitar, going to the beach, boogie-boarding, practicing yoga, hiking…


ReGina L. Norlinde - Bestselling Author, Empowerment Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Radio & TV producer and Host