Psychic on Maui – Psychic Medium on Maui, Hawaii, ReGina L. Norlinde – originally from the Heart of Baltics in North – Eastern Europe – Empowering you to be the Best version of yourself!

Aloha and Welcome

As a Psychic Medium with years of experience in Mediumship work, Paranormal, years of experience in doing Psychic Readings, Medium Readings, Healing Ghosts, helping with Crossing Over…

As Motivational Speaker specializing in Spiritual Growth, Empowerment, Motivation…

As an Author of several Bestselling books on topics like Self-Help, Empowerment, Paranormal, Psychic…  

As a Radio & TV show producer and host with her work focused on Empowerment, Clarity, Healing, Understanding, Spiritual Growth…

foundation of services, products, teachings I offer, is in the
following saying by Confucius:

“Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.”

My services as an Empowerment Psychic Medium, services are here to show you how to fish!

~psychic readings – medium readings, paranormal investigation, ghosts, spiritual retreats on Maui, crossing over, mediumship, medium, psychic, empowerment, self-help, healing, clarity, intuition, healing ghosts, angels, conversations with angels… these are just few key-words for aspects that are covered in services and products I am offering ~


With an interest and need for help with anything PARANORMAL – explore the “PARANORMAL” page…  

with an interest and need for help with everything Empowerment, Motivational, Self-Help, Embracing your Uniqueness “EMPOWERMENT” page…


You can receive help in following:

~ mediumship/ paranormal ~

~ paranormal experiences ~
either you or your child seeing ghosts or having paranormal activities going on and they frighten you, you don’t know how to handle these experiences or you are simply interested to find out more, get some validation, would like to know how to help your child or someone close to you to handle these experiences

~ interest in paranormal ~

in learning more about being a Medium, becoming a Medium,  about Mediumship, about Earthbound Spirits, about paranormal experiences, paranormal investigation, ghost healing, ghosts, learning more about everything related to “crossing over” and Spirits


~ experiencing paranormal ~
in your home, office etc and would like to have house clearing

would like to learn how to be a Medium

~ empowerment ~

                       you have a situation of concern that you are in need for clarity, looking for guidance of actions steps to take, looking for intuitive, psychic insight in this situation

you are feeling stuck and confused in life, confused, dis-empowered, feeling like nothing is going right either in life in general or in certain aspect of your life and would like to move out of this circle of stuckness
would like to learn  how to be your own Psychic

Looking forward to be of help to you!

   In Gratitude and with Love,